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Our aim is to ensure our customers' music resonates deep within the hearts of all who listen to it.

Online Mastering Service

We know how satisfying it is to finish your music, show it to your friends and prepare it for distribution. We also know the disappointment of listening to your song on another soundsystem, only to find out it does not sound as you expected. Our song mastering will:

  1. Eliminate the fear of your track not sounding as you intended
  2. Help your music stand out from the competition
  3. Increase the chances of it being noticed by Label Owners, and
  4. Guarantee that your music Sounds Great on ALL soundsystems, 100% of the time.
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* 9 in 10 of our clients are happy with the Master first time, however if you are not we will Remaster until you are completely satisfied for FREE

Audio Mastering Samples

These are just some of the online mastering projects we have recently worked on:

Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to list before and after samples freely. Kindly get in touch for some sample files.

Don't take our word for it...

Jay Zinga

The final mix of my track was missing some loudness and clarity, and the guys at Phat Mastering definitely helped in achieving that at mastering stage. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good external ear, and a final master that will sound good in a club.

Jay Zinga